I see my slave approaching my house and before he has the rebellious audacity to knock on my door I cowardly open it to let him enter my territory.

He is a tall, middle-aged, good-looking man. Well educated and who appears to be well off.

Once inside my domain, he is no longer what he was. He is now my slave.

He looks like a frightened child. He has been summoned to my presence for being a very bad boy and for that he must be punished, just for his own good.... and my pleasure.

He follows me into the main room where I order him to sit down. On the table a chest and three keys.

- You have been a very bad boy. This is a very demanding Institution of immaculate reputation.

and you, Tommy, are trying to destroy the principles and values on which this body is founded.

- I'm sorry, Lady Tsunami," replied Tommy.

- Did I ask you a question, impertinent? Don't interrupt me," I slapped him a couple of times and he froze.

I motioned for him to follow me into another room.

- You're here because you've been seen smoking in the playground several times. What kind of example are you setting! Before you tarnish the prestige of this institution, I'll put you on the right track. Take off your shirt and trousers little Tommy.

- Lady Tsunami, ohhhhhh- he mumbled.

- Give me your right hand, I warned you, don't interrupt me you little bastard!

I grabbed him hard by the wrist, palm up, and began to hit him on the base with my rattan stick. It was flexible and produced a sharp pain that could be seen in his watery eyes.

-Look me in the face, don't you dare look at that filthy hand of yours. One, -pause-two -pause-and-three... for the times they've seen you smoke. Give me your left hand....palms up and curls your fingers to touch the pad of your hand. It's for your own good. One, two,...three- right on the first phalanx.

-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no please, nooooooooooooooo.

- Lean back against the back of the chair.

What a humiliation for such a "tough" boy, and now he's become less so. Fragile. I had a 4 cm wide black leather belt in my hand, took the buckle, wrapped it around my hand and began to whip her buttocks from left to right, reminding me of playing tennis with my dear "friend". She was no longer with me. This infuriated me. I couldn't stop whipping little Tommy, on his buttocks, on his thighs,... again and again. I watched as the leather tattooed soft, burning red lines on his white skin. He bent his knees and dropped, he was so sore....

I stroked his hair gently. As I ran my fingers through his hair I could see the grey hair that was beginning to appear. It's normal, age. How could it be that inside a man lived a child so rebellious and with such an immense need to be punished and led on the right path. BDSM. That is the way. And I am your guide.

-Get up Tommy.

- What is Lady Tsunami going to do to me? No ....no please. Nooo

Tommy was frightened to see me with a wide, black leather collar with silver studs. I put it around his neck and squeezed it for a few seconds until I could see his breath slowly go out of him. Then I let go and left it tight so he couldn't escape. I took the carabiner from the leash and hooked it to the steel buckle of the collar.

- Don't try to escape, you little bastard. Lean back against the back of the chair. Spread your legs. No, don't look back, look down!!!

I stood to the left and caressed her buttocks. White and soft. With my right hand I took the rattan cane and started to hit his buttocks. With my hand raised from above to his buttocks, the rod described an imperfect parabola that met again and again the thin skin of my slave. Poor little thing. His rosy little ass... and I wanted more and more, and more and more. I want. I need. I demand. I can.

Next.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... why not' Do you like it? I don't know. Do I like it? .... I love it, it fascinates me, it excites me, it depraves me, ...it's a possession. And I hold in my hands your soul and your body, that poetry. I possess you Tommy. I possess you. You are mine. My Tommy. My slave. Mine.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. What a pleasure. I tell myself that I must return to this submission, to this pleasure that gives power. That my fantasy, my submissive, my little slave is in front of me. I am your Mistress, the only one... My desire for domination rises so high that it seems that only with my mind I can dominate this... this... I don't know, this filth. How disgusting. What a taste.

After this fantastic little rant, I tugged on the collar and Tommy followed me submissively in a dance, together, he was left, overwhelmed and surrendered. Surrendered to me. Yes, yes...

- On all fours Tommy.

- But ....

Pity, pity, everything was going so well, what are you asking me for, you little fucking bastard. I command you.

-I command you. I command you. I rule you. I guide you little boy. It's all for your good. I have a Carte Blanche.

-Excuse me, ehhhhh? -White Card? ????

Oh yes, I love it. I love it,four legs,my four favorite canes.... Ohhhh... hem, hem,...

I have, I have, I have and you have nothing and I have four canes that kills your ....nalgas. One is wonderful. Thin, soft and itchy, it stings, mmmm. Let's start here. I'm sorry it's my favourite, wand, wand, wand, wand, mmm, and I go on. I know it's too much, but it's my favourite rod and you've got a little ass that needs to be punished. I love that "wham, wham, wham, wham,... "uhhh sound.

No moaning.

Spanking. I've got, I've got, I've got, I've got, I've got, my wide rod almost a centimetre thick, metre long, now I do. I let all my strength out by raising my arm with the rod up to my head. It's a metre to touch


Tommy's pink buttocks, hahhaha now you fucker, now you do, now you do. Let's go . Up and pam, up and pam. Up and paaam. Fifteen. The minutes you were late for class. Tommy.

He had so many marks on his now hot, hot, red buttocks that he felt that instead of sorrow he should change the direction of the blows. I have a carte blanche. I say to myself.

Wet towel. Fantastic. First a little bit of ice.

-Don't try to escape, you little bastard.

In my office I have a cooler with a small bottle of ice water. I took it out of the freezer and handed it to him to soothe the wounds on his buttocks. No. There was no blood. But they were piercing wounds with a perfect, straight relief that the rod had left on her sweet skin. As I ran my hand over the surface of his dermis, Tommy let out a moan from his throat that made me realise that ice would be a good relief. After the pain the cold is wonderful. Poor thing.

Yeah... I don't believe anything.

My cane, my paddle, my new toy, let's try it together. 50 cm, handy and whack, whack, whack. The perfect weapon of punishment and discipline. Pure leather, simple and effective. An extension of my arm and my desires.

- Stand up. And sit in this chair Tommy. Hold this bottle of ice. Look Tommy you think you can fool the teachers but you're not taking me on your turf. You're in my domain. You're in my domain. I'm not in yours. Stupid. Give me your hand. The right hand.


-Ya!!!!!! Give me your hand Ya..... you stupid fucking kid!!!! Who the fuck do you think you are. Take the goddamn ice bottle. Hold it.

I waited a few seconds. In a cold hand one more dueling blow. It's common knowledge. I like it so much.

-Give me your hand ....!


I gave it again and again and again, gripping his wrist tightly and placing his bare, fragile palm in front of my spanking padddle. Who has the power? Who, tell me?

- . You, ... Lady Tsunami, Lady Tsunami, Lady Tsunamiiiiiiiiii....

I would have liked to continue guiding this misguided boy, but the poor thing was in so much pain. He slid on the floor, on his knees with his head in his arms and the palms of his hands looking for a cold spot, touching the marble of my room. He gave me .... no sé compassion. I don't know.....

See you soon....:)