BDSMOnlineContacts.Com will be updated regularly with sites to visit to make BDSM contacts near you and the story of Amanda Peters and how she became hooked on BDSM.

The site will deal with all aspects of BDSM, and although the practices covered by BDSM have been around for centuries the actual term did not come about until 1990.

If you are looking for someone to practice BDSM with whether as an individual or a couple then the site to visit is BDSMContactsOnline.Com where you'll find members near you. On the site there are members interested in all aspects of this erotic practice, "bondage and discipline" known also as "b&d", "b/d" or simply "BD", "dominance and submission" known also as "D&S", "D/S" or "Ds" and sadism and "masochism" known also as "S&M", "S/M" or "SM".

The roles people take participating in BDSM, for the partner performing and controlling the activity is known as the "top" or "dominant" with the partner receiving or being controlled known as the "bottom" or "submissive".  A "switch" is someone who plays either the "dominant" or "submissive".

Fifty Shades Of Grey made people much more aware of the subject of BDSM and created a lot of interest but if you ask anyone in the BDSM community about the book they will tell you that it isn't realistic and is not accurate in the way it is portrayed.

If you want to find out more about BDSM there are many books worth reading including BDSM Basics for Beginners by Michelle Fegatofi.  

To chat about the subject and find someone with the same interests as you then the site to join is BDSMContactsOnline.Com where you'll be able to chat online and discover so much more about what suits you before visiting a dominatrix, workshop or club but when you're ready to meet up then there are so many men and women on the site near you who want the same as you and would love to meet up.  When you join you become part of the largest online BDSM, Kink and Fetish Communities!

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