Hi, my name is Amanda Peters and I shall be writing about my experiences with BDSM and my fascination with eroticism starting as a young girl when I thought I was some type of freak, not realising until I was in my last year at university that I realised I wasn't alone. I couldn't talk to my boyfriends about my fantasies for fears that they would run away!

When preparing for a BDSM scene I find the very site of handcuffs, collars, rope, chains, canes or anything that my master might use today is such a turn on.  In fact, don't get me wrong I love sex, but now can't imagine it without some BDSM activity first.  For anyone who hasn't experienced it the excitement is so difficult to describe.   

One always has to explain ones limits beforehand and we always practice it in a way that there will never be any injuries, just pleasurable pain which can be quite severe and with a lot of discomfort.

Where do you go and buy everything you need to practice BDSM? I buy everything online and click on any of these links to find what you're looking for. Round oval spanking paddles, long Arabian whips, large leather paddles, restraints, bondage gags, nipple clamps, handcuffs, bondage collars, bondage masks.

I could talk at great length about all the indivudal items but will leave that until later when I write in depth about all by experiences with bondage, spanking I love as a prelude to the more severe paddle or whatever my master choses to use on me.